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company secretary’s main functions are to oversee the company’s day to day administration and ensure the company complies with the law and observes its own regulations.

Duties include:

  • Statutory Duties under the Companies Acts
  • Duty to exercise due care and diligence
  • Duty of disclosure of certain personal information
  • Administrative duties

Irish companies require an individual (although corporate secretaries are allowed) over the age of 18 to act as the company secretary. This includes single member private limted companies. The company secretary maintains company records, files the annual returns and carries out tasks from the articles of association.

Does every company need a company secretary?
Every company registered under the provisions of the Companies Acts 1963-2013, is required to have a company secretary. The company secretary may be one of the directors, but whether this is the case or not, the company secretary and the directors are considered to be the officers of the company.

COMPANY SECRETARIAL SERVICE: We have a Company Secretarial Service which you can request when ordering your company from us. We ensure that important statutory requirements are fulfilled, leaving the day to day running of your company to the directors. Should you wish to request our company secretarial service, simply select the service on our order form when ordering your company or select the button below.

Company secretary duties:
Maintaining the statutory registers and minute books.
The secretary keeps up to date the statutory registers. These are the following: Register of members, Register of directors and secretaries, Register of directors’ and secretaries’ interests in shares and debentures and Register of debenture holders together with copies of the instruments which create charges.

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