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Office Pal can provide you with a Dublin address for your registered office. Our registered office service is ideal for start-up companies who want to create a professional business image or overseas companies who do not have a place of business in Ireland and also enables non-Irish residents to set up a company in Ireland.

You get:

  • Prestigious Dublin registered office for your company
  • Acceptance of service of legal documentation
  • Holding of the Statutory Registers, if required
  • Forwarding of all Companies Registration Office and Revenue Commissioners correspondence
  • Junk mail filtered out free of charge
  • Mail can be forwarded by post or courier to any address worldwide (plus any forwarding charges incurred in delivering your mail) or be opened, scanned and emailed instantly.

Why would you want this?

  • So your residential address is not shown on the public register
  • Stops unsolicited junk mail
  • Marketing junk mail is filtered by us, so you only get your company’s statutory mail
  • International customers comply with Irish law – overseas companies will need this service to form an Irish company as the registered office address must be in the Republic of Ireland.


Registered Office FAQs

What is Officepal’s Registered Office Service?

Officepal provides a Dublin based registered office for limited companies at:

Using this service your company will be registered at our address and we will scan and email all your company’s official government mail subject to fair usage. The service is renewable annually and a reminder will be sent to you via email.

What is a Registered Office?

A registered office is the registered address of a limited company. It must be a physical location in the Republic of Ireland at which official papers (such as mail from Companies Registration Office and the Revenue Commissioner) and court documents can be served. The registered office address need not be the company’s place of business and is often the address of the persons providing company services, such as Officepal. The address is on the public register, available to everyone.

Can this service be used for company directors?

As the company directors have to be individuals, we have to use their residental addresses. The Registered Office service is only available to Limited Companies.

What is the renewal cost?

The renewal cost is €249.99 per year.

What is official government mail?

Official government mail includes mail from Irish governing bodies such as Companies Registration Office and Revenue Commissioner that specifically relates to the administration of your business.


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