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Corporation Tax

When a new Company is formed, the Directors of that company are legally required to register the new company for Corporation Tax. It is mandatory for all Irish companies to register for Corporation Tax within one month of trading.
The process typically takes up to 1 weeks but may take longer depending on the volume of registrations at the time. The Corporation Tax rate in Ireland currently stands at 12.5% and 6.25% for companies involved in Research and Development. Companies with non-resident directors may need to demonstrate an active trade in Ireland to successfully register.


Corporation Tax is charged on all profits (income and gains), wherever arising, of companies resident in the State, with some exceptions, and non-resident companies who trade in the State through a branch or agency.

How Is A Company Taxed?
This tax is charged on the company’s profits which include both income and chargeable gains. A company’s income for tax purposes is calculated in accordance with Income Tax rules. Chargeable gains are calculated in accordance with Capital Gains Tax rules.

What Is The Rate Of Corporation Tax?
There are two rates of Corporation Tax:
12.5% for trading income unless the income is from an excepted trade* in which case the rate is 25%
25% for non-trading income (e.g. investment income, rental income)
* Excepted trades include certain land dealing activities, income from working minerals and petroleum activities